Rose colors

Did you know that each color of roses has a different meaning?


Around the world in modern cultures red roses are referred to as the flower of love. According to a mythological story, Aphrodite was running to her severely wounded lover, Adonis, when a rose thorn scratched her hand and her blood colored the white rose petals to red. In addition to elegance, the red rose symbolizes deep, dedicated love, passion and desire. The darker the color, the deeper the love and passion.
Its meaning is clear to all women, but a dark red rose can be a sign of praise and recognition as well.  It’s a great choice for someone who has captured your heart.


White can express many things but first and foremost it’s the color of innocence, purity and peace. Secondly, it represents honesty.
The white rose radiates serenity and peace.  A very elegant gift and ideal for weddings as a symbol of new beginnings and endless love.  It’s also the perfect gift to express your intention for reconciliation and a fresh start.


Also refer to eternal and unconditional love, making it the perfect choice for Mother’s Day or as a gift to a friend.  Pink, in addition to youth and romance, suggests femininity, sophistication and elegance, also making it a great choice for a young lady or her first date as a symbol of beginning and slowly unfolding love.
Pink roses can express admiration and respect, but also convey tenderness, joy and happiness as well.


In Victorian times, the yellow rose had a much stronger meaning than today, but mainly symbolized jealousy.  Currently, a yellow rose symbolizes friendship, platonic love, joy and care. These beautiful sunny roses convey coziness, love and good luck.  Yellow roses are the perfect gift for a close friend, or if you’re ready to forgive or apologize. But on a romantic date, the yellow rose has no place. Rather, it serves to express friendly feelings and to cheer up the heart.


This bold and fiery rose is often a symbol of desire, enthusiasm, fascination and energy.  Orange shines a fire in the soul and mind, increases ambition, and also symbolize persistence.  Coral and salmon colored roses often convey the same message as orange roses. The orange rose says “I am very proud of you” with the meaning of admiration and excitement. You can tell the person who receives the roses that they have a special impact on you and bring changes to your life.


Blue roses also have many meanings.  Unavailable desire, admiration, nobility.  Since they do not exist in nature, blue roses are mysterious and their mystery is a symbol of magic and subtlety. They are wrapped in an exciting aura of mystery and inaccessibility.  The perfect choice for someone you think of as unique.


The champagne rose, though similar to the white rose, has a completely different meaning. Symbol of charm, attentiveness and daintiness. At the same time, champagne roses represent richness and perfection. It is a great choice if you want to assure someone of your love, care and you do it without any romantic intent. Not just an elegant but a perfect choice for friends and family members.


While it is fashionable, elegant and perfectly suited to all occasions, perhaps green rose represents the most positive attributes. The green itself is the color of life and balance, which has a healing effect. Green roses are not only the symbol of victory, fertility, abundance, constant renewal, harmony and peace, but also represent joy, hope and new beginnings as well.
The perfect gift for anyone on any occasion. You can’t go wrong with a green rose.


Many people think that black is the color of farewell and mourning.  But not the black colored of rose!  This velvety black, silky-to-the-touch mysterious flower is a symbol of many positive qualities.  In addition to new beginnings, it also means positive changes, trust, hope and courage. It also refers to mystery. Gothic literature presents it as a symbol of infinity.
Well, if you want to give an exclusive and elegant gift to a friend or to the object of your hidden passion, feel free to choose the black rose because you will not be disappointed with the joy of the beneficiary.


Stunning roses with brilliant skills for shades of colors from pastel purple to deep lavender are often referred to as the “roses of mystery”. Not only because of their many shades but also because of the complexity of their meanings. First and foremost, the purple rose symbolizes deep admiration, splendor, magic, and affection, but the truth is that we only give a purple rose when we fall in love with someone at first sight. It’s the perfect choice if you want to let someone know that your heart has been kidnapped from the first moment.