What are the advantages of preserved flowers?

No maintenance.
A 4-5 years lifespan , allowing you to offer your a long-lasting souvenir and satisfaction for years to come.
A natural product completely identical to fresh flowers.
A large choice of colors and special effects.
A product with a lot of added value.
An ecological product: it is durable, made using non-toxic, recyclable chemicals which respect the environment.

Taking care of long-lasting flowers is simple and easy.
To make sure that the flowers last many years without any alteration, please read the following instructions.
Note that preserved flowers are not edible!

Do not water preserved flowers as they hate water and too much humidity.

Ideal temperatures rank:
10ºC to 24ºC
50ºF to 75,2ºF

Ideal moisture rank:
55% to 75%

Avoid direct natural sunlight.
Try not to touch preserved flowers too much – just like fresh flowers, they can get damaged.
Keep preserved flowers in a dust-free environment. If, however you notice that there is still dust on your roses, a quick little blow will get rid of it.

The lifespan of your Roses may be shortened in environments that differ from the specified temperature and humidity levels stated above!!