About us

Everyone loves to receive and give flowers. In addition to being a beautiful gift, you can be sure that the recipient will not be disappointed, whether it’s a woman or a man. The giving and receiving of roses today is not limited to anyone – a man to a woman, a woman to a woman, a woman to a man, or from a man to a man.  

Perhaps the only one sad fact that overshadows the joy of giving and receiving flowers is that their freshness and beauty slips away.

But this is now all in the past!

We’ve brought you the solution to make these beautiful rose compositions arranged in elegant gift boxes, not as a quickly wilting bouquet of roses, but as a gift that will keep the memory of your sentiments for many years. It will be a centerpiece of elegance decorating your home.

Thanks to a revolutionary new process you can discover a new generation of preserved roses. 

Our long-lasting Je T’aime Eternity Roses, arranged in a high quality elegant box, are harvested from the most beautiful fresh roses in Ecuador, near Cayambe volcano. The unique climate of the Ecuadorian Sierra, with the thermal shock between day and night, as well as other natural factors such as its geographical location on the equator line, which offers 12 hours of sunlight per day, allow for production of fresh roses with unrivalled beauty and strength.

These wonderful roses that are cut very early in the morning are immediately preserved at the farm. These unique conditions allow us to offer you a natural preserved rose that lasts 4 to 5 years. 

Je T’aime Eternity Roses retain their natural texture, shape and flexibility for many years.

Not just one year but 4 to 5 years!

Our Exclusivity

Do you want to smell your favorite scent on Roses? Then fragrance your Roses!

Roses that can be scented with a spray perfume of your choice, without causing any alteration to the flower. (Thanks to the protective filter that has been added to the preservation process – a global exclusivity).
The rose does not directly absorb the perfume, therefore maintaining its structure and strength, as well as preventing the preservation ingredients from mixing with the perfume, thus not altering the lovely fragrance.

This filter is a worldwide exclusive and it is just possible at our roses. It isn’t protected because, just like the Coca Cola recipe, it is prefered to keep it in secret!