About roses

From ancient times, flowers have been a symbol of desire, loyalty and love. Men gave flowers to women, expressing worship or secret emotions. Even today it is no different! Flowers are also symbols. They express thoughts, feelings and through their colors and shapes they send us unique, subtle vibrations, along with the sensory pleasure of their beauty.

But among all flowers, the rose is whose history is almost as old as human civilization. Stories, writings and paintings of its beauty can be found in most cultures from millions of years ago to current times.

Countless stories, poems and myths speak of roses. They played important roles in religion and mythology and even a war was named after it. But one thing is certain, they were already the symbol of love in ancient times.

Thanks to its variety, beautiful appearance, velvety flower petals curved into each other and a characteristic passionate fragrance, it has deservedly won the title of “Queen of the Flowers”.

It is no coincidence that this beautiful flower has also appeared in the art world because it has inspired many poets, writers and painters. But thanks to its wonderful fragrance, it has not missed the attention of world-famous perfume manufacturers either, so much so, that most of the famous fragrances carry the characteristics of roses.